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How to tell if an older woman is flirting with you

It's probably happened to you at least once. You meet a woman in the store or hallway and she strikes up a conversation. Is she just being friendly? Maybe she does this all the time? Or, maybe she’s into you. Spotting the signs is the key to having great sex with experienced older women. Let’s take a dive into signs a woman is flirting, why older women are easier to read and how to flirt back

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Signs a woman is flirting with you.

The signs someone is flirting don’t differ much between ages. Most women display similar signs when they are interested. The most common indicators are fairly obvious while others can be subtle and difficult to spot.

Most common indicators

The most common signals a woman is interested in you are:

Moving closer when talking. A woman who is trying to flirt will often bring herself much closer than you would normally expect when talking to you.

Playing with or flicking their hair. It’s a well-known, scientifically proven fact that women have a tendency to play with their hair or flick it off their face when they are attempting to flirt or gain the attention of another person.

Getting touchy feely. A woman who is flirting with you may well start casually touching you as you speak. A hand in the shoulder or casual stroke of your arm are often signs a woman is comfortable with you and wants your attention.

If you find yourself in a position where a woman is showing these three signs while talking to you, chances are, you are ‘in there’. But, there are other, less obvious signs that a woman is interested, so don’t give up just yet!

Subtle signs a woman is flirting

Women often give off more discreet indications they are interested. Knowing these subtle signals will give you more confidence to flirt back or ask for her number.

Exposing palms, wrists or neck. When a woman is sexually attracted to a potential partner, they will often give off pheromones excreted from their wrists or neck. Unconsciously, they may turn their wrists to point them towards you or tilt their head to expose their neck.

Pointing their toes towards you. Women will position their feed in the direction of something they desire. If they position their feet with their toes pointing towards you, it could be a sign you are the object they desire. If their toes point towards the door or another group of friends, it may be time to wrap up the conversation.

Mirroring your actions. When someone is attracted to another person, they have a tendency to copy their actions. Try it out by adjusting your glasses, collar or hair and see if she mirrors your actions.

Why older women are more comfortable flirting

As women get older, they are less self-conscious and comfortable in their own skin. They are also done with playing games and complicated relationships, making them far more open to expressing their true desires and making their attraction known. Taking note of these tips may make you more able to spot an dreact to the signs a woman is interested in you. Have fun!